Getting Married In The Maldives - A Beautiful Day, Which Always Stays In Memory

There is hardly a person who does not connect the Maldives with love and romance all over the world. For many of us, this island country is the true symbol of paradise on Earth.

The Maldives is perhaps one of the most popular destinations for the amorous couples. Here you want to like to escape from the stressful everyday life and immerse yourself in the magical atmosphere of this island country located in the Indian Ocean.

Wedding in the middle of the Indian Ocean

Considering the romantic splendours of the Maldives, it is not surprising that many hotel chains offer irresistible offers for engaged couples to experience a dream wedding in the middle of the azure blue water of the ocean. For this purpose, special plant was built, which is 50 metres from the shore and extends over an area of 45 square meters. It can be reached only by boat. A total of 16 guests can enjoy the unique wedding ceremony.

The four seasons resort offer a unique experience

Just like the popular houses, also this plant in the middle of the ocean features a glass floor above the water. As a result, you can look under your feet at the Sea World and admire.

Getting married on the beach

The wedding on a secluded beach, where the blue water in the background murmur, is also gorgeous. Surrounded by bizarre coral reefs, green palms and your loved one, you will experience a fabulous day.

Swear loyalty and love

But one thing you should know: unfortunately getting married in the Maldives is not recognised unfortunately in Germany, because here is expected only after the Islamic Sharia law. But swearing eternal loyalty and love in the romantic atmosphere of the Maldives is an unforgettable Chaturbate experience, from which you will proudly tell even your grand .

To convince yourself of these words, check our image gallery of weddings in the middle of the Indian Ocean is!

The Maldives is one of the most popular destinations for the amorous couples may

A luxurious wedding idea

Immerse in the magic of the island country

Celebrate your wedding anniversary in the Maldives

Experience a romantic and fabulous day

Dream wedding in the middle of the azure blue water of the ocean

Hold these unforgettable experiences on photos

Wedding under the water? An idea for the fans of extreme adventure

A specially built wedding facility

Dream wedding: Perfectly planned down to the last detail

Celebrate your wedding in the open air, accompanied by a live band

Take interesting wedding souvenir

The world of the Indian Ocean provides a perfect setting for your dream wedding

Let the romance Guide you!

Napkin Folding Weddings

Something as simple as napkins can have a big impact on the mood at a Festival. Just because you are able, particularly to make the table. The creative ideas with Napkin-folding show attention to detail! It's called just set up at the highest level.

Napkin fold wedding - banded Velvet

Napkins with velvet Ribbon - this is super popular with many people as decoration. You can turn even the simplest napkin into something special. It looks great with cloth napkins.

Napkin folds in the form of a loop

You can fold the napkin like a loop on your wedding. This method is traditional, but very popular. In this way, you always provide a sophisticated and classic look at the table.

Polka dots and flowers

Are you obsessed with polka dots? We indeed! We just love them. Today we present a way to fold the napkins for weddings, which includes polka dots and other motifs. Look at this!

Viewing the table number

The numbered napkins are a hit at modern wedding parties. Only, you need to decide what has to represent the number. You can be the date of the wedding, or simply write the table number.

This idea is modern and practical.

Print out the menu on a napkin

Another super great idea is to print out the menu on the napkin. So you have a multi-functional decoration. Fold the napkin before the wedding and enjoy the surprise of your jasmine live guests when they roll them up.

Invite nature to you!

Fold up a green napkin in sheet form. So you have made by nature-inspired wedding decoration! Combine this with a few flowers and green leaves. The result is fascinating! We guarantee it!

Especially in the spring and summer get a real harmony through this idea with nature out there!

Beautiful rose

So traditional and so imperishable - that's the beauty of roses! With its romantic appeal, they fit wonderfully to wedding parties. Their external beauty and beguiling fragrances enchant all your wedding guests.

Elegant napkin folds with a ring with gemstones

There are some more expensive and more complicated forms of napkin folding. You could implement these best with especially noble materials. A such noble appearance matches a napkin ring with precious stones.

Rural charm

Weddings in a rural or retro style are very popular. The following ideas are particularly suitable for such cases. To combine simple materials in white and Earth nuances, with simple flowers from your own garden. Most natural, this style looks in the summer.

Bohemian flair

You marry, however, so don't give up nice and free life - that shows your decision for the Bohemian style at the wedding ceremony. As a result of napkin folding make more relaxed the whole party look try. Such as the a loop may be slightly longer.

You liked our idea to fold the napkin? You want to select one for your wedding? Or maybe we encouraged you to do this to create something of their own, which is very original?

The cloth napkins make for a fine table decoration

Fold a cloth napkin rose

Napkin fold wedding - create a cutlery case

A light guide, you should try

So traditional and so forever

The creative ideas you fold the napkins show attention to detail

Use different blades as napkin decoration

The satin cloth napkins to determine a noble flair

A napkin idea for the winter wedding

Flowers are a preferred wedding table decoration

This method is traditional, yet very popular.

Servetten wrinkles wedding napkin folding napkin wedding

A simple guide step by step

The cloth napkin with the bride and groom names can be used as a wedding souvenir

An inspiration from nature

Find out about the different folding techniques

Impress your guests by omitted folded napkins

A tip for the napkin folding for every occasion

The napkins are a must for the Hochzeitstischdeko

Favours Wedding - 18 Original Ideas As A Souvenir

After a more or less traditional scenario run the most wedding parties. The acceptance of gifts and donations is a part of it. In this respect, there should be a certain reciprocity. This means that the bride and groom should not only receive gifts, but also awarded.

This is but not mandatory for the wedding celebration. However, it leaves a wonderful impression. So you should plan it better. To facilitate your project, we have some tips and ideas for you.

Favours wedding - individualization

The first rule, which should keep in the sense, is that the gifts should be chosen individually. The least is this, that the names of the bride and groom, as well as the date of their wedding on it are written. You can engrave inscriptions nowadays practically on everything.


It is thought that good education, it automatically says to take gifts from the wedding. But pretty much drinking and amused at the party great, you could easily forget them when they are not really useful. Ask yourself before choosing the gifts for the wedding, whether you could well use as a gift at home as decoration or as something else. If the spontaneous and honest answer is "no", you should have something else come up. A typical negative example of gift that quickly gets forgotten, is the Papyrus.

Stylish selected gifts

Gifts for the wedding at the same time serve as a decoration for the Festival. You must register so well in style of the Festival. Usually such gifts as great reminder be taken home.

You have surely different guests. At least they are various ages and sex. Even if it costs you about more trouble, would rather take the time and have come up with different things. At least the should receive other gifts for the wedding than the adults.

Organize a game with guest gifts at the party

Would you see more animation on your wedding party? The gifts might make the basis for a really amusing game. You can organize it a lottery or different competitions. Urge the guests after the granting of gifts exchanging against each other inappropriate gifts. That will promote the communication between your guests but wonderful. From the exchange of gifts, you can actually make another great game.

Granting of gifts

Wedding guest gifts gifts wedding ideas wedding

Gifts can lie on the table or are offered in a different manner. How you deal with it, is also a matter of own creativity! We wish you creative ideas!

Favours wedding - the Succulents are an everlasting reminder of the wedding

A DIY idea for wedding guest gift

Take a pair of wedding photo as a memento of the wedding

The key chain is a practical gift

Favours wedding - a special bottle as thanks

A great idea for the vintage wedding

Personalize gifts stickers

A wedding keepsake that wishes good luck

Think also of a beautiful gift packaging

Favours wedding - say thank you in an original way

A humorous and practical gift

An unusual wedding gift

Vintage wedding dresses, which were currently up to 50 years

You can find great vintage wedding dresses? They are actually very modern and designer create again so great interpretation of these models. But let us look out directly to their source. To develop a more precise idea about the origin of the vintage ideas.

With such knowledge, you will help the designers model for you to create a wedding dress that exactly matches your personality. Since vintage is still too general! Check out only, what you had to offer alone up in the 50's of the last century.

Vintage wedding dresses around 1900

1900 vintage wedding gowns vintage wedding dress

A striking characteristic of the vintage wedding dresses is the S - shaped corset in the time around the turn of the century. Thus was the belly made slimmer and emphasizes the chest. The femininity of the body was especially greatly displayed.

The Keulenarmel were very popular at that time. They were front very close and bushy on the shoulders.

Usually the main color for which you decided in the selection of wedding dresses was white. Pale pink was introduced as a noble choice but also.

Vintage wedding dresses from the first decade of the 20th century

The flowing silhouettes with bridal gowns were established during this period. They fit better to the tradition of dancing in these years.

Vintage wedding dresses from the 20-ies

20 vintage wedding gowns vintage wedding dress, vintage wedding

The jazz fashion influenced also the wedding culture at this time. Models with straight lines were always modern. Brodierte and other less voluminous decorations peppten the Bride dresses on. Also the Bell hats were very popular.

Vintage wedding dresses from the 30-ies

30's vintage wedding dresses, vintage wedding dress

Did you fit one of the recent examples of vintage wedding dresses as inspiration for your own selection? Even if this should be so, but keep looking! Also the 30-ies have much to offer. It's up to the time of the great depression and other crises around the world.

At this time, they put to less fine fabrics, such as rayon, for example. The models were often more creative because they should achieve the maximum effect with few resources.

Not infrequently, the brides simply moved the most beautiful dress which was there in the dressing room. The wedding dresses were often simply decorated with floral motifs. Such ordinary-looking models write nowadays also in the performances of modern women.

Often seen designs wedding dresses of the 30-ies very interesting Deco at the vintage. You would be an appropriate choice, today you can't find?

Vintage wedding dresses from the 40-ies

40's vintage wedding dress, vintage wedding dresses

As you know yourself, very much darkness reigned during this period of human history. In the interwar period was not very much time for wedding preparations. Also the clothes could be not very demanding.

The look of the vintage wedding dresses from this era was accordingly modest. Small details had the task to give but an improvised festive character the whole.

Women have often used substances from the furnishing and, such as precious curtains, to sew a festive wedding dress it for themselves.

If you still could afford a "real" wedding look, then he included the following details: round shoulder, Rouched profile, Taillenkorset, padding at the hips. The whole thing with a simple veil and medium length hair cut was combined.

The 50 years

50's vintage wedding dresses, vintage wedding dresses

We conclude today our presentation of vintage wedding dresses with models from the 50-ies. Gloves were a standard at this time. The models typical for this era had however no fingers.

Lace and satin were also very popular fabrics.

Skirts and veils were shorter. It devoted much more attention than previously, the shoes of the bride.

The 50's vintage wedding dresses also introduced the sweetheart. The mini models were especially popular around this time.

Dresses in ballerina-shape and length also appeared in this period.

Lacy steps and airy jewelry peppten on many models in its upper part.

Grace Kelly's wedding

Grece Kelly Vintage wedding gowns vintage wedding dress

Also the iconic Grace Kelly's wedding took place in the 50-IES of the last century. She ended her film career in 1956 and married Prince Rainier III of Monaco. We recommend that you be sure to look at the pictures from this event.

So established the best dresses covered with lace. Around the shoulder they were translucent and you could see fine necklaces including.

A contemporary model, after the model of Grace Kelly's dress

Vintage wedding dress from the 20s years

20s wedding dresses vintage vintage wedding dress, vintage wedding dresses

Simple wedding dresses with exuberant cuts and subtle embroidery

30's vintage wedding dress, vintage wedding dresses

It was fashionable in the 50s, to show the shoes

50's vintage wedding dresses, vintage wedding dresses

Vintage wedding dress model for the lovers of the top

Can tailor to a modern wedding dress with a vintage theme

The jewelry is unnecessary at this magnificent model

Show a beautiful back on your wedding

Bouquet Yourself

Facing a wedding? Or maybe an other festive occasion, necessarily, a bouquet of flowers is one of the which? Make it simple! You can build but a simple bouquet itself. Simple solutions have mostly an elegant and upscale character and fit so many different occasions.

DIY craft is still fashionable. So, what are you waiting for what?

Materials required for the flower rhinestone

You need to the flower bouquet crafts:

What you need to make a bunch of flowers, is really not a lot. You need some fresh cut flowers, wire and special adhesive tape. Also you could hold a flower bouquet ring ready, if you want to decorate your DIY work indeed.

Important tips

DIY ideas wedding bouquet DIY Bastelideen Brautsrauss ideas

Before you begin, note the following: the bouquet must look good on the one hand, but be very suitable to use. There are some useful features that you should keep in mind throughout the process. You would have to achieve at the end of the process.

The correct dimensions are the first thing you should take. If you consider yourself in your wedding dress in the mirror with the bouquet, you can determine this. Your figure is also important. Small bouquet fits rather little ladies.

First set the style

Secondly, the bouquet of flowers have a particular style. Also this is to decide what looks like your wedding dress in connection therewith.

Thirdly, you must think of the season in which the Festival takes place. Use any flowers that would be simply not there at the time of your wedding ceremony and wedding reception at the "sample work".

The steps to the flower bouquet craft

After we have clarified all these things, we want to introduce you to technical steps to the flower bouquet crafts. If there are fresh flowers, they need to be dipped first in water with a special solution, which would make them sustainable. Let the flowers stay there longer. So they keep fresh longer after that.

Cut the rods in a specific length

Blum on bouquet DIY craft ideas Baruatstrauss ideas

Now you wrap the wire around the stems of the flowers spiral. At the bottom, cut the tribes, before applying the tape.

Now wrap the special adhesive tape around the wire. Press on it. Turn the rods and pull away to the line from the bar and down. In effect, it must be up to smooth down and evenly.

Wrap the bars with a loop

Now applying hot meter on the upper side of the tape and carefully attach the loop on it. Wrap carefully down the bouquet so.

Unleash your imagination with the flower bouquet craft

With regard to your figure, consider the size of the bouquet

Only the bouquet can beautify the colored paper

Choose a loop which colour suits the bride dress

DIY ideas craft ideas flower bouquet wedding bouquet DIY

The floral combination is of great importance

The roses are always a good idea for every occasion

Dress up the simple rose bouquet by a silk bow on.

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