Bridal Bouquet - Important Information, To The Right Flower Bouquet To Choose

So choose the best bouquet!

No such can be a bride without your bouquet. This is a tradition, and thereby one of the oldest, which occur on such an occasion. Let's say something about their origin. The customs with the bridal bouquet can be found in the ancient Greece. It is believed that they have a strong protective effect. You bring good energy to the pair, and stop the bad influences that might come about by envious people.

So, the bridal bouquet has a really important role. The selection of a bride bouquet must be taken really seriously for this reason. So you make the best of it, you would have to properly choose a bridal bouquet.

Here are our tips that will have to help you.

Many brides are looking for harmony between the bride's bouquet and the carefully selected decoration. This is not inherently wrong, but it doesn't have to be. The brewing Strauß has a completely different, their own meaning. For this reason, it is sufficient if he looks quite different than anything else on the Festival.

Bridal bouquet could represent the bride as such

It would be ideal if the personality of the bride represents the bride's bouquet. To do this, the harmony on two levels must be achieved. First of all, the flowers must harmonize with the bride on a purely visual level. This means that you look at the brewing Strauß as an accessory. Also, the bridal bouquet on a symbolic level should represent the personality of the bride and also their desire for a very successful family life.

Secondly, you need to know about the symbolism of flowers. Ask at a florists - they can give you the best advice about it.

We give you just some tips, which concern mainly the outer appearance.

Size of the bride

The bouquet must harmonize with the size of the bride as probably few expect it. The smaller brides should opt for a shorter bridal bouquet. It should be also very round. A matching diameter would be between 30 and 40 cm. There, a bouquet of flowers with very long posts would be a successful option.

The large women should look for a different kind of flower bouquet. Which model should be just larger in every respect.

Skin and eye color

The skin and eyes type, the closer should be ever brighter the selection of the bridal bouquet in white. Pink and pastel nuances may be included also. The darker and Oriental types look much more beautiful with bright shades. Red is almost a must in the bridal bouquet in this case. The red-haired ladies should decide the best for a blue flower bouquet. We recommend brewing bouquet with many great green accents and otherwise any nuances of dark-skinned ladies.

Bridal bouquet and clothing

Of course would have to consider the brewing Strauß as an accessory to the dress. It must be in harmony with this. Do you have already a wedding dress? Maybe you could first choose the bouquet and then the dress. The first would give you lots of great ideas for shape and jewelry! This unconventional approach can prove successful for many women.

Of course work through the line with the season

It is now important that they certainly do many brides. This is also quite fashionable. Here, the brewing Strauß plays a role. Opt above all for flowers that are typical for the season.

A bridal bouquet idea, which represents a great contrast to the wedding dress

Also the loop of the bouquet should be selected appropriately

Would you also opt for Red Roses?

The Succulents can be much more interesting to have the wedding bouquet

A beautiful combination of light and dark flowers

How to find the blue bouquet?

Arrange your favorite seasonal flowers for a wedding bouquet

Simple, but very colourful

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